Gamification of Health by Fabio Gratton

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Wow, it’s been a while since I last blogged… Let’s hope this inspired post is the start to some regularity from this point forward.

So what inspired me to jump back on the blog wagon…?
Well, a couple of days ago, my good buddy, Fabio Gratton, got up on stage at ePatient Connections and did a 6:40 min “song and dance” (presentation), otherwise known as a pecha kucha. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a pecha kucha presentation is based on a simple format — 20 slides, each playing for 20 secs long. As soon as the presenter ‘clicks go’, the slides automatically advance every 20 secs. It’s similar to the O’Reilly Ignite series (which is quite funny, since the company that Fabio co-founded is called IGNITE Health).

I’ve seen a few Ignite presentations before, but I have to say that Fab’s pecha kucha on “Gamification of Health” is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Probably one of the best presentations in this format that I’ve ever seen and with a great story/message as well — watch and learn…

I don’t want to steal all the thunder from the video (go watch it now!), so here’s a very brief summary of what was covered…

  1. Gamification
    - It’s not just “games for health” or “exergaming” (e.g. Wii Fit)
    - It’s about the “game layer” over our life
    - It’s really Game Mechanics!
  2. Mechanics
    - e.g. Countdown Dynamics (e.g. think Groupon)
    - We need EPIC Meaning in what we do
    - References Jane McGonigal
  3. Framework
    - EPIC Gamification of Health
    - Experience
    - Purpose
    - Incentive
    - Catharsis

Let’s Miyagi the world!!! Wax on, wax off… :-)

3 Responses to “Gamification of Health by Fabio Gratton”

  1. Fabio Gratton Says:

    Thanks Shwen for the very kind compliments and posting this talk. I’m humbled. Very challenging format, and re-watching it made me realize how many “mistakes” I made, but oh well, you live and learn :) Most importantly, I learned a lot about how wasteful I have been with time! As far as gamification goes, I think I did little more than skim the surface of a topic that was discussed so eloquently by Jane McGonical in her Ted Talk (“Reality is Broken” or Seth Priebsatch’s keynote at SXSW earlier this year on the “Game Layer”. But again, thank you for posting this!

  2. John Norris Says:

    Thanks for posting this vid, and great to see the area of games and health broken down so well by Fabio. Quick presentation but a super intro!

    FYI Seth’s SXSW can be heard here:

  3. Russ Starke Says:

    Great overview piece, Fabio – shared it on our internal Yammer and people are finding it a nice review of the “rules of thumb” for incorporating gamification. Thanks for posting, Shwen!

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