Needed: Your Questions for the MM&M Virtual Summit

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In our mad rush to start off our new careers (mine as an independent consultant and Shwen as a social media thought leader for Edelman), I want to ensure folks that we haven’t forgotten that we are hosting a presentation for MM&M’s Virtual Summit on May 24th.

In the rather ambiguously entitled session “We’ve got your social media guidelines right here!”  we thought we’d cover some of the digital and social media activities  pharma companies could be doing NOW, despite a lack of (formal Internet and Social Media) Guidelines from the the FDA.

But as we started developing our slides and materials it suddenly struck us — is this REALLY what people want to hear?  Are we answering the questions people want answered?  If we put together a fantastic presentation, will people EVEN CARE???

Rather than second guess what people are looking for, we thought we would instead eat a bit of our own dogfood and ask you — our potential audience — to submit the questions YOU want answered in this session on what social media activities companies could be doing today.   We would then address the crowdsourced presentation (Well, ok, I guess the presentation won’t be crowdsourced, but the questions will be.  Anyway, you get the idea…)

So with that in mind, please let us know what questions you’d like answered.  (Keep in mind, now that Shwen and I are no longer working directly for our corporate pharma overlords organizations, so we may be a wee bit more free in what we can say in response… :)

Don’t be shy — please submit your questions in the comments field below and we hope to see you at the virtual summit!


3 Responses to “Needed: Your Questions for the MM&M Virtual Summit”

  1. Twitter @medmarketingcoe Says:

    This should certainly be a very interesting virtual summit

  2. Henry Gazay Says:

    Does the concept of “country” and “local regulations” on about advertising make sense anymore in the borderless social media world ?

  3. David Harlow Says:

    In the absence of formal guidelines, folks need to be guided by previously-issued warning letters and the like from the FDA, FTC, etc. Why do you think so many pharma companies are not open to relying on this “case law” and what do you think is the easiest route to convincing decisionmakers that there is some room to use social media tools in light of these published guideposts?

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