Pharma Twitterama: Exlporing the Use of Twitter in Pharma and Healthcare

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A few weeks ago, John Pugh (@boehringerDriector of External Communications at Boehringer-Ingelheim) and I (@shwen) co-presented a webinar on “Pharma Twitterama: Exlporing the Use of Twitter in Pharma and Healthcare” (organized by ExL). If you missed the webinar or want to review the contents again, the hashtag for the event was #Twitterama — you can also follow the “Twitter trail” via the CoverItLive tweet archive on the event website or you can order a recording (CD-ROM) for a rather hefty premium.

Anyway, here are my slides from the webinar and a brief description of the topics I covered. Your comments and feedback are welcome and greatly appreciated:

Here are the topics I covered, together with some links to references:

  1. What is Twitter?
    - Visualizing the Tipping Point, Social CRM
  2. Twitter Basics
  3. Beyond Twitter Basics — “Enter the Twitterverse”
    - Gazing into the Twitterverse,, How to Use Tweetdeck Effectively
    - Hootsuite, CoTweet, also see: Twitter Power Tools for Health Activists
  4. Dispelling Twitter Myths
    - Twitter is Not Just for Teens, Twitter Traffic Explodes
    - Hospital Social Network List, Pharma Twittersphere
  5. Stats and Facts About Twitter
    - Twitter’s Massive 2008, Neilsen: Twitter’s Tweet Smell of Success
    - Sysomos: An In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World
  6. Twitter Objectives
    - Groundswell: Twitter is a 5-Tool Player
  7. Examples of Using Twitter for Corporate Objectives
    - @ComcastCares, @WholeFoods, @CDCemergency, @Livestrong, @DowningStreet
    - Dell on Twitter
  8. Other Examples: Healthcare
    - @TrialX, @PolarWisdom, #hcsm (Healthcare Communications & Social Media)
  9. Pharma Examples: An Analysis of the Pharma Twitterama
    - Pharma Twittersphere: To Be Followed or To Follow (by @WhyDotPharma)
    - The State of the Pharma Twittersphere (by @WhyDotPharma)
  10. Conclusions and Final Thwoughts & Twips

Over the next few weeks, I hope to dive deeper into some of these topics (I know I’m severely behind on writing a “proper” blog of late) and I’ll aslo ask John, my co-presenter, to post his slides and possibly do a guest blog about it. In the mean time, I hope you find these useful — would love to hear your comments, suggestions, feedback, thoughts, etc.

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  2. Sally Says:

    Nice job, Shwen!

    Very comprehensive overview, much have taken you a while to put that together.

  3. menxiaoyong Says:

    thanks for your presentation

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  6. Jess Seilheimer Says:

    Thank you for posting this archive, very resourceful info, especially for educating clients and colleagues. Much appreciated!

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